Waste is a design flaw:

Ecosystems recycle materials indefinitely in circular loops, but the human-designed system trashes over 90% of the materials extracted from the earth within six months. The Center for Zero Waste Design helps to develop and implement design strategies within the built environment to help cities achieve zero waste.

Waste Dive’s insight into NYC Commercial Waste Zoning proposals

Read Cole Rosengren’s deep dive into Who comes out on top if New York passes commercial waste zones? incorporating history and policy ideas from Benjamin Miller.

Hong Kong Design Trust Grant

The Center for Zero Waste Design has been awarded a grant by the Hong Kong Design Trust for its project Zero Waste Design Guidelines for High Density Cities. This will take the Guidelines to Hong Kong and Singapore, for panel ...

Benjamin Miller testifies on Intro 1574 Commercial Waste Zones at NYC Council Hearing

Benjamin Miller outlines modifications to the commercial waste system to address critical problems and aid the implementation of strategies outlined in the Zero Waste Design Guidelines. An integrated system design could solve multiple issues with the current system, including transfer ...