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Vitry-sur-Seine is a diverse city of 90,000 outside Paris where 75%of residents live in apartment buildings, a third of which is public housing. In 2008, as the city embarked on a major urban renewal project to improve conditions in several of its public housing estates and to develop an interurban tramline, Vitry was also revisiting […]

The Hague is the Netherlands’ third-largest city. Until recently, door- to-door collection of refuse in bags or wheeled bins was the norm, with residents carrying recyclables to shared containers on certain “recycle streets.” The city struggled to keep its narrow streets clean because seagulls pecked open bags left out for collection, strewing garbage and making […]

Roosevelt Island is a planned community of 14,000 in the East River, between Manhattan and Queens. The 1969 master plan by Philip Johnson and John Burgee envisioned a full-service community without cars.28 Tasked with finding a way to remove trash without trucks, engineers installed a pneumatic tube network—the first such system for municipal solid waste in […]

Punts verds (Catalan for “green points”) are small recycling centers installed in plazas and parks. Barcelona developed the semi-permanent staffed facilities to provide residents with opportunities to drop off household hazardous waste, recyclables and smaller bulk items within walking distance of their homes. Punts verds complement larger recycling centers with vehicle access on the outskirts […]

The project, designed by Atelier Nadau Lavergne, includes a staffed recycling center or “espace tri”, as well as a hub for aggregating truckloads of bulk materials picked up by appointment from local collection routes. See Case Study pdf.

Dedicated New York City gardeners have composted in their com- munity gardens for decades as a way to improve soil for flowersand vegetables. In 1993, the New York City Department of Sanitation created the NYC Compost Project to leverage this interest in compos- ting and began formally training community gardeners through the city’s botanical gardens […]