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During the 2000s, the Korean government implemented “pay-as-you-throw” volume-based charging schemes across all different types of waste materials.  The goal is to segregate non-recyclable and recyclable waste streams and reduce waste at the source through incentivisation. The collection of household food scraps and organics was implemented after the charging schemes for non-conventional household items – […]

The Eastern Community Recycling Station (formerly known as Community Green Station) has been in operation since 2015. Besides functioning as a recycling collection point, it also includes an education centre, office, a landscaped area, and a multi-purpose room for exhibitions, activities, and programs that promotes waste reduction and green living. The collected recyclables are sorted […]

Domino Park is a 6-acre park along the Brooklyn waterfront, part of the Domino Sugar Factory redevelopment by Two Trees Management, designed by architectural firm SHoP and landscape architects James Corner Field Operations. See Case Study pdf.

Sharing a virtual micro-talk on Designing Urban Biocycles for NYC: Regenerating Urban Soils with Food and Landscape Waste for the Nature of Cities Festival. Developing a plan for NYC organic waste A well designed plan for organic waste is essential for NYC to become a green, resilient and just city. The city has suspended DSNY […]

The National Zero Waste Virtual Conference is a three-day educational and networking event organized by the National Recycling Coalition. Plan on joining us to hear from local, national and international experts on the latest updates and best practices to get to Zero Waste.  Program here, lots of great discussions – Clare Miflin will be on the Building […]

New York City’s Mayor de Blasio just committed to a green recovery that prioritizes equity, fairness, and the climate crisis. Composting, which creates green jobs, supports local food production, and increases environmental equity, should fit squarely within this mission. Yet, in this year’s crisis budget, the city cut all funding for organic waste collection. Organic waste costs the Department […]

SideWalkTalk article on Medium While vacuum waste collection is still rare compared to curbside pickup, its adoption may be on the rise. Norway’s second-largest city, Bergen, is installing one of the world’s largest vacuum waste systems, with nearly 5 miles of underground pipe. In 2018, Singapore changed its development requirements so any project of 500 apartments or more must […]

Streetsblog March 11 post “City pedestrians navigate around piles of trash and recycling that take up significant sidewalk space,” Garcia said. “It is time to make smarter, more efficient choices when it comes to the way New Yorkers set out refuse and recycling for collection in the public right of way. Thursday’s announcement is the […]