Architecture exhibit ‘Designing Waste’ highlights unseen pre-collection world

The show puts balers, carts, containers and the workers who handle them, on display with the goal of making people think about how waste gets to the curb. From Waste Dive.

New York’s Center for Architecture is debuting a new exhibit on June 14, “Designing Waste: Strategies for a Zero Waste City,” that literally puts some of the most utilitarian collection tools on a pedestal. 

“We walk by these bins and bags and toters every single day,” curator Andrew Blum told Waste Dive. “My sense is that this is the moment to stop and think about what they do and how they can do it better.”

The exhibit will feature a working waste station as part of AIA New York’s new “Zero Waste Challenge,” vertical baler technology, an interactive waste calculator and videos of facility staff in their daily routines, among other pieces.