City of the Future Podcast

EO5 Closing the Recycling Loop. From Sidewalk Labs.

Simple as it may seem, recycling properly is really hard — and our misguided attempts are actually harming the planet more than helping. But what if we could know, instantly, if we’re recycling correctly? What if we were “nudged” to recycle better? Or reuse more? In this episode, we explore how behavioral science — and computer vision — could help us help our planet. City of the Future is produced by Benjamen Walker and Andrew Callaway. Our hosts are Vanessa Quirk and Eric Jaffe. This episode was mixed by Zach McNees. Music is by Adaam James Levine-Areddy (check out his band at Art is by Tim Kau. Special thanks to all who made this episode possible: Benjamin Miller, Emily Kildow, Sasha Tregebov, and Clare Miflin.