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While DSNY propose that large buildings with waste chutes should move their bags up to the street and lift into permanent containers in the parking lane, our solution allows them to push compacted waste directly to the curb, requiring less space, temporarily. This would also increase waste diversion rates and improve labor for building staff. […]

We helped the NYT journalists to understand and visualize DSNY’s proposals for containerizing waste, and were quoted in their article: Clare Miflin, an architect and the executive director of the Center for Zero Waste Design, argues that a different scheme would better address these harder cases. In denser parts of the city, she suggests all small and midsize […]

A new case study shows how waste is managed in large multifamily buildings with trash chutes in London. Chute compactors feed straight into 4-wheeled bins which are collected from a bin store room adjacent to the street. International manufacturer Hardall is now setting up in the US. See case study.

Clare Miflin was a panelist on this Be Waste Wise webinar moderated by Cole Rosengren from Waste Dive, explaining thoughts on NYC’s plans for waste containerization. See the webinar below: