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Food waste is the part of garbage that makes it disgusting. When sealed in plastic bags with other trash, food waste putrefies, releasing foul odors and garbage juice, attracting rodents and roaches. When it winds up in landfills, food waste creates leachate and methane that pollute the land, waterways and air. But when food waste […]

On behalf of the Save our Compost Coalition, Clare Miflin worked with Anneliese Zausner-Mannes and Gil Lopez of Big Reuse to present a teach-in on NYC’s Community Composting. View the full recording on Zoom using Passcode 3=r8j&sm See the slide deck here. April 22nd, 2024 Update: Since the Save Our Compost Teach-In in January, the […]

Clare Miflin was a panelist on this Be Waste Wise webinar moderated by Cole Rosengren from Waste Dive, explaining thoughts on NYC’s plans for waste containerization. See the webinar below:

Bjarke Ingels Group and a company called Oceanix presented a wild concept for floating cities at the UN this week, imagining completely self-sufficient communities in the era of sea level rise. By Fast Company Excerpt: Miflin wants to create a circular system where all food waste is turned into nutrients for the soil through composting. Food […]

The Center for Zero Waste Design worked with Oceanix, Bjarke Ingels Group, Transsolar, Mobility in Chain, Sherwood Design Engineers and MIT Ocean Engineering on the concept for Floating Cities presented at the UN on April 3rd. See below for the presentation to the UN. The core challenges to achieving zero waste on the Floating City […]