Zero Waste Design for High-Density Cities: NYC, Hong Kong and Singapore

We are pleased to share our final report from our Design Trust Feature Grant from the Hong Kong Design Trust.  This work was done in collaboration with the Business Environment Council of Hong Kong and Circular Cities Asia, a platform of Renergii in Singapore.

The project looks at the urban form, waste context, and initiatives in each city, and suggests how the Zero Waste Design Guidelines could best be applied. The project shows opportunities and challenges to applying zero waste strategies and shares successful initiatives and case studies from each city.

Originally, this project included a visit to Hong Kong and Singapore, with research and panel discussions and workshops in each city. Because of the COVID pandemic, this was not possible, and the research and panels were conducted virtually. The research included conversations with architects, engineers, developers, waste advocates, consultants, and equipment manufacturers; online research into urban form, local rules, codes, and waste programs; and review of published waste reduction guides and plans. 

We hope that our partners in each country will seek to take this process further, collaborating with local stakeholders to develop Zero Waste Design Guidelines for both Hong Kong and Singapore.

View the report here